Timbers Bad-Ace Storm

Timbers Bad-Ace Storm, or as we call him “Bud”.  Buddy is a 6 y/o Australian Cattle Dog. Registered with the American Kennel Club. Bud was brought in here at Blue Creek Farms when he was 8 weeks old and has been an absolute gentleman the entire time. He has produced some gorgeous puppies in his time here. With several young males coming of age it is time for us to start looking for Bud’s next home. He has been Genetic tested for PRA, PLL, & rcd4 and will never be affected by those diseases. While he does still have several years left to be a sire, we would love to find a family just looking for a sweet new family member. Weighing in at around 70lbs bud is a big boy!! He is a complete gentleman around our females, although you do have to watch him around other intact males. He has always been outdoors but i don’t think he would have trouble transitioning to a indoor dog. Bud was raised around children and has always respected their space and has been very easy to handle, he can be protective when it comes to strangers coming around (which is normal for cattle dogs) but he does warm up quickly. His only flaw is he holds weight very easy and you have to watch how much food he gets to ensure he doesn’t gain to much weight.

A great home is a must for him, We are not in any hurry for him to leave and would be fine with him staying forever. Although a great home with loads of love & attention would far out weigh out desire to keep him and put our hearts at ease with him going to a new home. Bud will go on Limited Registration, Full Registration can be negotiated to a approved home.

If you feel bud would be a good fit for your new family please give me a call.

NameTimbers Bad-Ace Storm
Date of Birth10-1-2015
ColorBlue Mottled