Contract Terms, Conditions, and Disclaimers



All Miniature Schnauzer’s are sold with CKC Registration
All puppies sold by Blue Creek Farms must have their Registered names starting with BCf’S.


Holding Fee’s
Holding Fees are NONREFUNDABLE & NONTRANSFERABLE. There will be a 4% service charge with all Holding Fee’s. The remaining Balance on your puppy is due at time of pick-up in (cash form only).


How to Choose a Puppy
If you are interested in one of our puppies, or in one of our upcoming litters, please e-mail or call (704) 776-2221, to place a Hold & get your place in line or select one of our available puppies. Placing a holding fee on an upcoming litter guarantees your place in picking order. First placement is first pick, second placement is second pick, etc. The choice can be made when we post the first pictures of the litter. This happens when the puppies are between two (2) and three (3) weeks old.
(Color – We do not guarantee specific color, we will give our best opinion as to what they will be.)

We reserve first pick on all litters for ourselves in the event we want to keep one for ourselves.


No Refunds on Holding Fee’s or Final Payments

Please understand it is unfair to the puppy and other potential families to cancel a reservation. For Holding Fee’s on upcoming litters, a puppy must be chosen within six (6) months. If you have not chosen a puppy within six (6) months, the holding fee is forfeit. Under no circumstance do we offer refunds on holding fee’s or after final payment is made. Health Guarantee In the event your puppy has a life threating illness as a result of the breeding we do offer a 1 Year (Genetic) Health Guarantee & will replace the puppy with that of equal value. We do NOT guarantee against Coccidia, Giardia or any other parasites found in the environment.  You must provide written documentation from (2) two nonaffiliated Licensed Veterinarians, allow a phone Conversation between Blue Creek Farms and your veterinarians and your puppy must have been on (NuVet Plus) Canine Immune Support. (NuVet can be found on our Website home page at

Pick Up Procedure
All puppies will be picked up at our home in Jefferson, South Carolina. Any remaining balance must be paid at this time. For safety reasons & part of our veterinarian’s protocol for bio security, we do not allow anyone around any of our animals. Please stay in your vehicle and call when you arrive. We will bring your puppy out to you. We choose the pick-up date. This date is set at Birth, and you will have plenty of time to make arrangements. Any puppy not picked up on the set date will be charged $15 for every additional day. Any injury incurred after the allowed pickup days becomes your responsibility. We may schedule multiple puppy pick-ups on the same day, so please be on time. This will ensure we can go over everything without interruption. (All pick up’s will be done starting at 12:00. You will be given a pickup time when choosing your puppy). All Registration, Vaccine’s, & deworming Schedule will be gone over at this time.


Training, Behavior & Socialization
All puppies raised here are socialized from birth by adults and children. However, the real training starts when you bring your puppy home. It is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure their puppy has a proper training program. We cannot & will not guarantee any certain type of behavior. Please do your research on the breed to  ensure you are informed & capable of providing proper training for your new puppy. We have great resources for training that start before you bring your puppy home. Please contact us & we would be happy to provide these to you.



We understand everyone loves new pictures. As aforementioned, pictures will be done between two (2) and three (3) weeks. Additional pictures are added at five (5) weeks and (7) weeks.


All buyers must read and agree to all Terms & Conditions before placing a holding fee.
Please text (I agree to Terms & Conditions) to 704-776-2221 to confirm your agreement.