"Setting You & Your Puppy Up For Success"

After years of raising puppies it is evident that no 2 puppies are alike. Each one has their own personality, traits, & quirks. While the same puppy may strive in one home it also may struggle in another. A puppy raised with us who has ample room to run, play and stay busy with daily chores may struggle in a home where the family is out of the home during the day. It has always been our belief that exercise alone isn’t enough. While a daily run may tire the body, puppies & adults also need daily mind stimulation, a safe place where they can relax and let their mind settle, and above all a strong training regimen that the entire family is on board with. 

Nothing can ruin the fun experience of bringing home a new puppy quicker than bad training or no training at all. It is this that began our search for the perfect trainer for our puppy families. In our search, we had a few requirements. We know the busy lifestyle people live now days. We wanted a trainer that could train online through live streaming, video’s, or just a phone conversation to talk about this weeks progress or problem. A trainer that would not only work with one person but the family as a whole to make sure the training regimen you’ve chosen is being followed by everyone, and most of all, a trainer that would be there for the life of the puppy!

In our search we found Baxter & Bella. Not only did they offer the things we were looking for, they offered so much more. Even beginning your training before your puppy comes home to ensure a wonderful smooth transition. With Baxter & Bella you will work with professional trainers who understand that each family & each puppy need their own individual training regimen to suit their situation. With a verity of classes  & courses, which include. Preparing For My Puppy, Socialization, Housetraining, Puppy Biting, Kids & Puppies, Body Language and Leash Walking. Courses included but not limited to, 6 Week Puppy Course, Games & Activities, Intermediate Training, AKC Canine Good Citizen Prep and so much more! Best of all they offer Unlimited live streaming help from professionals who are readily available, easy to schedule and work with your family’s personalized needs for your puppies LIFE TIME!

After speaking with Baxter & Bella Co. It was their Genuine love for animals, Wide verity of Training Courses & Ability to suit each individual families needs that lead us to partner with them. 

In doing so, They offer our puppy families 25% off their Life Time Training enrollment!

Just use CODE: BLUECREEK when signing up for your discount!!